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Fat Chinese Thief Stuck In Tights Spot: Fail Of The Day

by | 7th, December 2011

MR Xi was caught trying to steal from a technology company he used to work for in the southern city of Shenzhen in October. His plan was to steal surveillance cameras from the firm’s warehouse, located beneath the offices.

Having hidden in the offices, he waited until staff left for the night. He then tried to break into the warehouse. But he couldn’t.

Now he needed to escape. He removed the ventilation fan in a freight lift and pulled himself into the lift shaft. And that’s when it went wrong. Too fat to pass through the gap, he was stuck.

He called his girlfriend for help. She helped him to remove his trousers – an act that revealed a pair of neon legs in a shade of pink last seen in Prince Harry’s hot bath the summer he discovered girls.

But it was not not until police arrived that y Mr Xi was freed.

And that, m’lud, is what happend – to the best of his recollection… Honest.

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