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Princess Diana Wannabe Lady Gaga Drives Without A Seatbelt In Copycat Death Bid

by | 8th, December 2011

LADY Gaga fears she will die like Princess Diana. Firstly, Diana is not dead, but living on the fabled Sixth Floor of the Harvey Nichols department store. Secondly, Jimmy Savile is only newly dead and his sage advice to “clunk click every trip” remains unheeded. (It is lamentable that man who was so very close to the Royal Family failed to get across to Diana the importance of buckling seat belts.)

For Lady Di, read Lady Gaga. The US singer has written a song track after dubbing the royal a “martyr for fame”.

The paparazzi were cleared of any blame in the accident that took Diana’s life. Earl Spencer, Diana’s brother, said any editors who traded in photographs of his sister had “blood on their hands“. Diana was “the most hunted person of the age“. Diana is forever a force of good, no longer a real person but a sainted martyr, an emotional icon. The media are the baddies who offed the queen of people’s hearts. Gaga has bought into the story told by the creepy BBC and opportunistic Tony Blair that Diana was a victim of her age who died for us while on holiday.

Gaga, the arch self-publicist, hopes that she too will be thought of as Diana after her death, the subject of a draconian emotional bullying that will see her elevated to sainthood. In Gaga’s recent video for Telephone, she can be seen riding in a car without a seatbelt on. To her side, Beyonce does likewise. The fear of a trend developing and impressionable kids refusing to wear their seatbelts cannot be ignored. Lady Gaga is might have Jimmy Savile’s old hair, but she lacks his road wisdom.

Says a source in the Sun:

“She knows she is almost as recognisable as Diana and is hounded by photographers and fans on the same level.”

Diana was the first celebrity princess. Gaga courts the media. Can Diana, the woman used to sell the slack-jawed masses Tony Blair, New Labour, a slippery fountain and an inflatable ET sell a record?

“Gaga has had dreams about dying the same way as her and has genuine fears that her fame could literally kill her, either in a chase or at the hands of crazies.”

As we say: buckle up. And avoid Tony Blair…


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