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Closer Magazine Are Having A Baby With Christine Bleakley

by | 9th, December 2011

SINCE babies are already taking over the world I was interested to read Katie Banks’s article in Closer magazine this week. I think Katie’s got herself a little flustered here and has disappeared into the pink playpen she keeps under her desk because reading her go on and on about Christine Bleakley wanting a baby made me realize that every girl eventually outgrows her Care Bear collection.

It was real nice of Katie to clear up a piece of obvious the size of Vanessa Feltz when she tells us that Christine is thinking about having babies with fiancee Frank Lampard.

Katie goes on to say that once Christina has unattached Frank’s umbilical cord from his b-hole then Frank will want to have babies every morning.

“He’d have babies in the morning”

(Via: Christine Bleakley / Closer magazine)

I know I took that out of context purely for the purposes of being silly. Talking of which once the baby bump begins to show Katie and the magazines will be all over it with their candy-floss coloring pencils, Christina’s baby this, Christina’s baby that. Well you know what? I’m gonna refer to it as ROSEMARY’S BABY instead.

Yes sir I’m gonna make that typo every time I hear her name. It’ll keep me from falling asleep. (which I now am)

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