Anorak News | Mark Duggan Inquest: Why Would The Police Toss The Gun And Feed Misinformation To The Media?

Mark Duggan Inquest: Why Would The Police Toss The Gun And Feed Misinformation To The Media?

by | 12th, December 2011

MARK Duggan: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the Tottenham man shot dead by police in the double tap killing. Police fired two bullets without reply. Duggan died of a single gunshot wound to the chest.  The police shoot to kill.

At the North London Coroner’s Court, questions are being asked at a pre-inquest hearing. The full inquest will begin in September 2012.

Michael Mansfield QC, representing Mr Duggan’s family, addresses Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigator Colin Sparrow:

“Misinformation suggesting some form of shoot-out – you accept that was a serious mistake?”

Mr Sparrow: “It wasn’t accurate.”

Mr Mansfield: “It was a mistake, wasn’t it?”

Mr Sparrow: “It was a mistake.”

Mansfield: “The problem for the family is a complete breakdown in confidence for this investigation. While normally this question might not have to be asked because confidence is automatic, on this occasion, from the beginning, there has been misinformation, a lack of information, and conflicting information.”

He’s right.

After that “mistake” – which said Duggan had shot at police  – a gun was found.

Mansfield: “How on earth did the gun get over a fence 14ft away? Was it thrown there by a police officer?”

Mr Sparrow said: “That’s a suggestion, yes.”

Why would police toss a gun over a fence at a crime scene?

Mr Mansfield says the gun was swapped. He says Duggan’s blood, DNA and fingerprints were not found on it.

Mark Duggan’s MP, David Lammy, is not impressed. He tells the House of Commons:

“I wrote to the Secretary of State two weeks ago asking her to review the IPCC handling of the Mark Duggan case. Given the travesty that was this morning’s pre-hearing inquest and the families are showing no public confidence in the IPCC, will you now have a look at their handling and the thoroughness of the investigation?”

Policing Minister Nick Herbert replies:

“I have replied to your letter. I have spoken to the acting chairman of the IPCC about the matter and the investigation. He has assured me about the integrity of investigation and we therefore see that there is no reason at the moment to order any kind of review of it. It is important that it takes its course properly.”

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