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Boy George: Those Lady Gaga Fans Want Me To Die Of AIDS On Twitter

by | 13th, December 2011

I ONCE heard that Peter Andre confess to having a crush on Boy George when he was younger but I never wrote anything on it.

In fact the last time I wrote anything about Boy George was after he’d spent a glittery ole time in jail after being convicted of chaining hooker Auden Carlsen to a wall and beating him with a chain.

Lady GaGa fans may want to bear that in mind before they lose off with their Twitter death threats because this is one gay Boy George that can bite back.

Yes, according to Boy George some of Lady Gaga’s Twitter fans said they want to see him die of AIDs.

He explains.

Generally I find people on Twitter really nice but a few days ago I kept getting these messages from people saying “what do you think of Lady Gaga’s hat… her shoes… her record?” and it was getting on my nerves.

‘So I took a picture of a bowl and I put “what do you think Lady Gaga would think of this empty bowl”. It was just a kind of surrealist bit of humour, it was really inoffensive. And for some reason someone took offence to this and said “how dare you insult Gaga?” and I said “I haven’t.”

‘Then it all started getting out of control . So I started giving them lots of shit back and I was being vile.

‘They were saying “I hope you die of AIDS you fag… you bald ugly fag”. And my point was her message of tolerance really isn’t getting through. And so far no response from her.’

(Via: GayStarNews)

I think Gaga needs to have a word with her little monsters here because we all know how she’d never have got from novelty act to a pure head up her ass pretentious cow without Boy George and making his crazy, sad clown ass angry would be a huge mistake. Ask Perez.

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