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Tallafornia Is Eugenics Telly Hitler Could Only Have Dreamt Of

by | 14th, December 2011

TALLAFORNIA is a vison on hell in Dublin. The Irish Herald gives it a cracking review:

Tallafornia is cheap, tacky, shoddy and extraordinarily badly-produced. It’s so grotty it makes the Living channel look like PBS.

Can it be so bad, it’s good? Or will it just be humanity debased, the kind of TV Hitler and his Nazi eugenic machine would have dreamt up and broadcast to debase a the untermensch?

And like TOWIE and Jersey Shore, it’s also a gameshow: the audience gets to work out which character to depise the most:

Age: 30
Occupation: Carpenter, stripper

Age: 19
Yep. Chicken tika.

Nick-named the “Wilderbeast” by his house mates, Dave is not only the life and sole of the party but is normally the biggest guy there too

Age: 22
He’s on a mission to find that perfect girl and is, in his own words, “looking for the rose beneath the weeds”.

Age: 22
Occupation: Model, nightclub hostess, columnist

As the blonde bombshell of the group, Natalie combines brains and beauty with a love of all things pink.

Cormac trains six days a week with his pal David and his passions in life are babes, BMWs and bodybuilding!

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