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Man Urinates Public Hairs: Murad Mulla Has An Itch

by | 15th, December 2011

MURAD Mulla, 48, can urinate hair. When Mr Mulla, of Ratnagiri, India, begane feeling listless he saw his doctor, who diagnosed “urine retention“. Mulla soon ended up in the state-run St George Hospital. Surgery was performed. During the urethroplasty –  a procedure to open the urethra opening –  the surgeons  took a hairy patch of skin from Mulla’s scrotum. (Skin from the mouth is better.)

Says Mulla:

“This is when, to my horror, I found out that pubic hair had started growing inside my body… He [the doctor] injected chemicals inside my body through the penis saying it would take care of the problem. But these were all temporary solutions.”

Now every time he urinates pubic hair comes out.

The itching sensation is unbearable. As he says:

“The [sleeping] pills give me strength in a way. Every time the pain becomes unbearable, I feel I have something to end it all.”

Mulla is now cured. The urosurgeon revisited the scene and used skin from the patient’s mouth.

Says Mulla:

“Never once did the doctor regret his decision. I was charged for the second surgery too.”

Is he bitter? Or is the the bitter taste in his mouth a new symptom…

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