Anorak News | John Cleese slams Eric Idle over Monty Python money

John Cleese slams Eric Idle over Monty Python money

by | 15th, December 2011

PRETTY much everyone involved with Monty Python hates Eric Idle. Of the whole crew, it seems he’s been the most keen to vanish behind the velvet rope and right up his own arse. And now John Cleese has had enough, going openly hostile on his former colleague.


The Fawlty Towers star blasted Idle’s comments about the “millions” he has been paid for the musical Spamalot. Idle went public, complaining about the royalty payments he doled out to his fellow Pythons for the musical Spamalot.

Cleese responded, typically grumpy and snarky by calling him “Yoko Idle”.

“I see Yoko Idle’s been moaning (again) about the royalties he had to pay the other Pythons for Spamalot. Apparently he paid me millions. Actually rough figures last time we checked – Yoko Idle $13 million, Michael Palin $1.1 million the others just under a million each.”

Cleese was responding to Idle’s comments in the Telegraph when he said he had “surgically removed” from the musical, saying, “He’s had millions of dollars from it. He charges people a fortune for using his voice. He’s always been in financial crisis.


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