Anorak News | Olympics now worse than war in Afghanistan: official

Olympics now worse than war in Afghanistan: official

by | 16th, December 2011

NOW we all knew that the bastards were lying to us when they said the London Olympics 2012 would only cost £2.2 billion. For of course they would lie to us on something like that.

Get us all committed to the London Olympics and then over the years reveal quite how much more it was all going to cost. Current numbers seem to be running at £12 billion or more and there’s still that last year of frantically trying to build things on overtime yet to come.

And yes, as ever, it gets worse.

London will be protected by a consignment of 13,500 military personnel during the Olympic Games next year after a recalculation of security needs.

Gosh, that’s actually quite a lot of troops.

….our current troop deployment in Afghanistan, where there are about 9500 British troops.

That’s an awful lot of troops actually. More troops than it takes top go to war and lay waste to a near medieval nation.

But there you have it, the Olympics, now officially worse than war.

D’ye think it’s too late to call Paris and ask if they still want it?

1948 and all that:


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The women's gymnastic squad representing Belgium do some warm up stretches.


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