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Black Panther killer Donald Neilson Is dead: the other lifers remain

by | 19th, December 2011

DONALD Neilson is dead. The murderer known as the Black Panther, born Donald Nappey, has died in hospital at Norwich prison. In 1975, Donald Neilson was handed four life sentences for five murders and hundreds of robberies.

Neilson was dubbed the Black Panther because he always wore black in the post office robberies.

Neilson turned to crime in 1965 when his work as carpenter failed to make ends meet. His first victim was Donald Skepper, the owner of a sub-post office in in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Mr Skepper has confronted Neilson. Neilson shot him dead. That was February 1974.

In 1972, Neilson might have killed Leslie Richardson in a robbery in Heywood, Lancashire. Mr Richardson survived the bullet.

In September 1974, Donald Neison killed Derek Austin at a robbery in Higher Baxenden in Lancashire.

He shot and killed Sidney Grayland at a sub-post office in Oldbury, West Midlands. Neilson badly beat Mr Grayland’s wife, Margaret.

Bold and dangerous, in November 1974, Neilson kidnapped 17-year-old Shropshire heiress Lesley Whittle. He wanted a £50,000 ransom. He threw his naked victim down a drainage shaft with a wire noose around her neck.

In 1975, police spotted Neilson hanging around a sub post-office. Neilson kidnapped one of the coppers at gunpoint. He made him drive. But Stuart McKenzie thought quickly and drove at speed into a shop. Nielson was overpowered.

In July 1976 Neilson was convicted of four murders. He died in prison.

Donald Neilson was a killer sentenced to life without parole. The others handed full life tarifs are  familiar names. Only one is a woman:

Ian Brady – Moors murderers who tortured and killed three children with Myra Hindley.
Robert Mawdsley – murdered partner with a knife; strangled patient in Broadmoor; killed two fellow prisoners in Wakefield with a knife
John Childs – murdered six
Denis Nielsen – Killed six young men, then burned and dismembered the bodies in London flat
Arthur Hutchinson – killed three members of one family and raped their daughter
John Duffy – strangled two women
Malcolm Green – stabbed prostitute; murdered a man with a hammer and placed his dismembered body in parcels
Victor Miller – kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered a 14-year-old boy
Colin Ireland – tortured and murdered five gay men by asphyxiation
Rosemary West – with husband Fred West murdered ten and raped 10 women
Peter Moore – Murdered four men
Jeremy Bamber – Murdered five people in his own family
Victor Castigador – Killed two people in Soho during a robbery after dousing them in petrol
Trevor Hardy – murder of three teenage girls
Anthony Arkwright – Murders three people, including his grandfather
Philip Hegarty – Beat to death his best friend
Paul Culshaw – Rapist who murdered a victim
Mark Hobson – Murdered four, including his girlfriend and her sister
Kenneth Regan – Killed five people, including Mr Armjit Chohan and two very young children
William Horncy – Regan’s accomplice
Paul Glen – Two murders
Viktor Dembovskis – Raped and murdered a 17-year-old woman
Mark Martin – Murdered three homeless women in Nottingham
John McGrady – Killed and dismembered 15-year-old girl
Rahan Arshad – Murdered his wife and three children, beating them to death
David Tiley – Murdered his disabled fiancee and her carer
Michael Smith – Killed girlfriend; later killed victim with champagne bottle to steal money
Glyn Dix – Stabbed wife to death and chopped body into 16 pieces
Steven Wright – Suffolk Strangler killed five women
Levi Bellfield – Murdered two women, including Milly Dowler
Douglas Vinter – Stabbed and strangled his wife, having already committed murder
Marc Chivers – Two murders
Peter Tobin – Three murders
Royston Jackson – Two murders
Ernest Wright – 26 years for his first murder. Released, shot and killed another man
Desmond Lee – 14 years for first murder. Released, and strangled second victim met at a gay sauna
Anthony Hardy – Murdered three women in 2002

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