Anorak News | Jesus appears in melted and frozen Crayola crayons

Jesus appears in melted and frozen Crayola crayons

by | 21st, December 2011

JESUS has appeared in a packet of melted Crayola crayons.

Tara Gomez and her son melted crayons in the oven. They then placed the crayons in the freezer. When they retrieved the frozen crayons 15 minutes later there was Jesus in a child-friendly icon.

Says Gomez:

“I was looking at it like, ‘Am I crazy?’ I am seeing things?”

She adds:

“I’d been praying and praying about certain things, and I asked God for a sign and I think the crazy thing about this, and I dunno, what better sign to get then right in front of you.”

Indeed, what better sign is there? Water into wine… Walking on water… Appearing in waterproof crayons. The evidence is as clear as the beard on Ringo Starr’s face…

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