Anorak News | British Transport Police video of drunk falling under a train is a fake?

British Transport Police video of drunk falling under a train is a fake?

by | 22nd, December 2011

WANT to see a drunk train passenger tripping and falling under the train at Barnsley station? The Daily Mirror says the CCTV footage of the woman stumbling backwards and falls on to the tracks is “horrifying”. It isn’t.

Paul Cockerton tells his readers that the woman was “taken to hospital suffering from cuts and bruises”.

But was it so bad, them? “Trains were delayed for 20 minutes,” he writes. Is that less than usual?

The video has been released by British Transport Police. Why? Well, Cockerton says it’s “to show the dangers of being under the influence at railway stations, especially during the festive season”.

Is it right that the poor woman is being used to deliver a message? Not only does she hurt herself, but she then finds herself plastered over the web.

Inspector Graham Bridges says:

“This woman was lucky to only end up with a few minor injuries and, had it not been for the alertness of other passengers who helped her, we could have been dealing with potentially serious injuries.”

So. The CCTV was useless. It was the passengers who saved her. The CCTV is only good for entertainment. The copper watching the live feed did nothing. Great. We all feel much safer now.

And haven’t the BTP got another video of someone getting really hurt, may even killed? Is “Don’t drink and catch the train or you might get a bruise” a big enough message. And note that booze is sold from the buffet car.

“We understand that at this time of year, with Christmas fast approaching, people will be out at parties and will be consuming alcohol.”

On the train.

“We certainly do not want to spoil this and would simply ask that anyone drinking alcohol does so responsibly. Over the Christmas and New Year period, we will have an increase of high-profile patrols by officers at stations to reassure rail staff and passengers and make them feel safe.”

But this woman was not saved by a BTP patrol. She was saved by fellow passengers.

The Inspector adds:

“While we want everyone to enjoy themselves, we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour or any form of aggression towards the rail staff who work hard to keep the services running.”

What about if it’s the staff you need to worry about.

The Inspector then moves away from his appointed role of upholder of law and order by becoming your mother:

“It would also be remiss not to remind people that the cold weather brings its own challenges and you should ensure you are prepared for the conditions and dress appropriately.”

Big white beards and woolly hats all round!

Spotter: Karen, Winker

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