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Kirsten Dunst and the Christmas Restraining Order!

by | 22nd, December 2011

IMAGINE stalking someone who isn’t that famous. How sad would you have to be to follow the every move of someone who hasn’t really done anything good with their lives? Well hello stalker of Kirsten Dunst!

That’s right. Unfathomably, she’s got an extension of a restraining order to keep a French fan away from her until the new year. A man. A French man. Stalking her from Spiderman.

That man is Jean Christophe Prudhon and he’s completely mental. Apparently, he’s sent her more than 50 love letters and flew to the US in a bid to meet her, even confronting the actress’ mother on the doorstep of her home. Yep. Barking mad.

There was a temporary restraining order in place, due to expire on Wednesday, but Los Angeles Judge Carol Boas Goodson has now extended it until January so Dunst can have Christmas in peace. Of course, come the New Year, Prudhon will be hotfooting it back to her one way or another.

What drives people to stalk Kirsten Dunst? Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

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