Anorak News | Arrests made at Southampton church midnight mass fight

Arrests made at Southampton church midnight mass fight

by | 25th, December 2011

TO Midnight Mass at St Edmund’s Church, Southampton, where the devoted are tossing chairs and throwing punches amid the pews.

Father Vincent Harvey stops the service. The police arrive and arrest two people for alleged public order offences.

Says Father Harvey:

“You often expect some drunken behaviour at the Christmas midnight Mass, but this was actually quite shocking. The congregation were in considerable danger because chairs were being hurled down the aisle. Some were made of steel and could easily have injured people in the pews.”

Who knew praying was so much like an episode of EastEnders?

Adds Father Harvey, who waited 20 minutes before resuming the service:

“The fight seemed to have started over some sort of dispute — I think it involved a woman.”

Nuns… Always the nuns…

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