Anorak News | Elen Rivas And Christine Bleakley row about Frank Lampard’s kids on twitter

Elen Rivas And Christine Bleakley row about Frank Lampard’s kids on twitter

by | 26th, December 2011

CHELSEA player Frank Lampard is at the centre of a twitter spat between Elen Rivas, his ex fiancée and mother to his two daughters, and shiny TV presenter Christine Bleakley.

Rivas has used the privacy of twitter to accuse Bleakely, now engaged to Lampard, of “trying to stop his children from speaking to their mother over Christmas”. Rivas says this is “sad“.

From her holiday retreat in India, Rivas, apparently, wanted to get in touch with her daughters, six-year-old (Over La)  Luna and Isla, aged four, on Christmas Eve. She snipes:

”You would have thought the girlfriend would have a little maternal understanding…”

Bleakley rises above it by, er, retweeting a tweet from a pal of hers called Jill Morgan:

“Looks like someone is up to their old tricks again, telling lies!! Have an amazing Xmas @clbleakley with frank & the girls! C u nxt wk xxxx.”

Like that “with frank and the girls”. Toughing stuff and not in the least bit spiteful.

Bleakley adds:

“Thanks J. I’d happily put the record straight but really don’t think twitter is a place to do it when children are involved x.”

What it is to be superior. Bleakley rises above a twitter row by telling her twitter followers and friend (what no phone number?) how she is not the kind of woman to argue about the children on twitter.

Bleakley then retweets the advice from other tweets that a “dignified silence” is best.

Get a load od that dignity, readers, as dear aunty Christine tells a tweeter who accuses Rivas of having “no class”: “Your words are much appreciated.

She retweets the words of @DeeHogan21, who ask a rhetorical question:

“What mother would leave her kids at Christmas in the first instance. They lucky to have Christine”

Good old Christine. The boyfriend’s kids can’t get to the phone, allegedly, but Christine can…

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