Anorak News | Who murdered Anuj Bidve in Salford and why was it racist?

Who murdered Anuj Bidve in Salford and why was it racist?

by | 26th, December 2011

WHO murdered Anuj Bidve? Mr Bidve, an Indian postgraduate micro-electronics student studying at Lancaster University was 23. He was on a trip to Salford, Manchester, when a white man shot him a point range in the side of his head. It was around 1:35am.

Why was Anuj Bidve shot after a brief conversation win his killer.

Says Chief Superintendent Kevin Mulligan:

“This appears to have been an unprovoked attack. We cannot establish a motive at this time. We are investigating every possible aspect and we are in the early stages of the investigation, but we are not ruling anything out.”

When he was shot, Mr Bidve was with seven men and two women. All were Indian students. They were walking on Ordsall Road. Two men two men approached from close to the McDonald’s restaurant.

The killer ran into the Ordsall estate.

The Times says:

It is home to some gang activity, and organised crime but there is little racial tension.


The crime scene is several hundred yards from the Wellington pub, now boarded-up, where a bodybuilder Lee Erdman, 37, was shot and killed in a gangland murder last September as he sat drinking at the bar. Police say that there is nothing to indicate a connection.

Says Mr Mulligan:

“I believe the answers to who did this will lie in our community. Someone will know who was responsible and I want to implore those people to be courageous…If it was your brother, son, husband or friend who was killed while visiting another city you would want justice, so please help us do the same.”

A local is wheeled forward to offer the most trite words you will hear today:

“Your car is a lot safer on this estate now.”

Has only Mr Bidve been in a car…

A drinker in The Bricklayers Arms offers:

“It is like Dodge City out there.”

But this was murder without robbery. Why was he killed? Was it a racist murder? Not a shrd of proof that it was but race is a hot topic, so the media presses f9 and goes with it.

The Mirror says:

Shooting of Indian student in Salford ‘could be racially motivated’

The Telegraph:

The Guardian:

Police in Greater Manchester say there was no “obvious motive” behind the fatal shooting on Boxing Day of a student who was visiting Salford for Christmas.

If the police don’t know, why is the news that it might be a racially provoked attack gaining traction?

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