Anorak News | African Bull Frog owns Ant Crusher and pwns owner

African Bull Frog owns Ant Crusher and pwns owner

by | 29th, December 2011

Seen the video of the African Bull Frog playing Ant Crusher?

TEENAGERS have the weirdest pets.They buy snakes and tarantulas and the like, because ostensibly, they don’t have a personality. An exotic pet is a reasonable replacement.

Of course, if you’re a lonely teen, you’ll be mad on a variety of video games too. So what happens when these worlds collide?

You get the video (below) which shows an African Bull Frog (why?) playing the very, very popular smartphone game, Ant Crusher. Naturally, the frog is stupid and doesn’t understand that the app ants aren’t real and tries to eat them all, much to the amusement of watching humans.

However, the frog has the last laugh. Watch it now so you can coo about how you watched it before it went viral.

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