Anorak News | Samoa erases December 30 2011 from history

Samoa erases December 30 2011 from history

by | 30th, December 2011

HAIL Samoa and Tokelau, land of the future! Tonight, Samoa will jump from December 29 to December 31. Tough cheese on those expecting a birthday party on December 30. It is the day that never was.

If December 30 never existed the world over, and this catches on, Ferdinand Marcos would never have become President of the Philippines, Israel and Vatican City would never have had established diplomatic relations and Diana Ross would never have been arrested for drink driving.

If you could chose a day to wipe from history, what would it be?

Note: The reason for his time leap across the International Date Line is for Samoa to “edge ahead of Tonga as the place where 2012 begins” and to align Samoa with its Asian trading partners. Yes indeed, readers, China is actually attracting entire nations to the East.

It was not always so:

Samoa has been out of alignment with its Asian-Pacific neighbors since 1892, when American traders persuaded it in 1892 to shift from the western side to the eastern side of the international date line to facilitate business with the West Coast of the United States.

Now that the USA is on the wane, fickle Samoa has shifted allegiances. and it’s taken its lickspittle Tokelau with it.

But if Samoa, why not the UK? It’s a rosy-fingered dawn in the land of the rising sun, formerly known as Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Raise the anchor and prepare to set sale. China here we come. Look out!

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