Anorak News | RIP Bob Holness: with Konnie Huq and The Two Pauls

RIP Bob Holness: with Konnie Huq and The Two Pauls

by | 6th, January 2012

RIP Bob Holness. Christina Martin remembers:

I WATCH Blockbusters repeats every tea time on Challenge.

During yesterday’s episode I turned to my boyfriend and asked: “Is Bob Holness still alive?

Today he died.

I’m think I may have jinxed him.

In my house we watch Blockbusters mainly for the oddly dressed, geeky contestants.


The Two Pauls being our ultimate favourites:

And we’ve gathered so many photos of people modelling the sweatshirts badly, we’re thinking of starting a Tumblr:

Wait, was that Konnie Huq?…

But it was Bob who made the show; he was a real gent to be sure.

However it wasn’t this aspect of his personality that appealed most to me.

The best thing about la Holness was his open bias and barely concealed contempt for excellent and poor players respectively.

He was never rude – he was the aforementioned perfect gent – but he held no truck with people not being very good at Blockbusters.

Shaking his head in disbelief at wrong answers, even saying “NO!?!” if the question was an easy one.

People who were too slow on the buzzer would be told to pull their socks up and try to be a bit more like their lightening quick opponent, who had a much better buzzer technique than them.

Loyal only to winners though, it was particularly funny to watch his allegiance shift as the team in front fell behind and vice versa.

Ultimately the best Bob moments arose from his very formal manner. Everything had to be just so. Yesterday when a young man won his third Gold Run and bagged a holiday, the excitable lad tried to thank Bob.

Holness shooed him away, turned to the camera and said, “You may have noticed Martin trying to say some words of gratitude to me there, but he can’t – I don’t have time”

It would be far too obvious to conclude with “I’ll have an R I P please Bob”, so I’ll leave you with one of the two Paul’s flirting with him:

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