Anorak News | In photos – Spanish Sparrow spotted in Calshot, Southampton

In photos – Spanish Sparrow spotted in Calshot, Southampton

by | 14th, January 2012

GOOD news for anyone looking for a Spanish sparrow. One’s been spotted in Calshot Close in Calshot near Southampton. It’s an adult male Spanish sparrow thought to be from Spain, Turkey or North Africa.

Background checks are being run on the foreign invader. Says one Cockney Sparrow: “I had 27 of them in the back of my hedgerow once…”

Just get a load of the number of photographers and those long lenses. Is this the future for the paparazzi in the world after phone hacking and the Leveson Inquiry?

Let’s look at those headlines:

The Star reports that the EDL Twtichers’ division is said to be ‘concerned’ that the Spanish Sparrow has built a nest facing east. Migration Watch aghast.

Daily Mail: “Spanish Sparrow related to EastEnders extra in absentee dad fury”

The Sun: “Spanish birds want your worms!”

Daily Express: “Did Spanish sparrow see Maddie’s kidnappers?”

Daily Telegraph: “Free Great British Sparrow DVD with every copy!”

Independent: “Global warming forces Spanish Sparrow exodus”

The Guardian: “Is Spanish sparrow working for the Israelis?”

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