Anorak News | Caroline Flack takes her pillow and leaves Harry Styles

Caroline Flack takes her pillow and leaves Harry Styles

by | 27th, January 2012

CAROLINE Flack, 32, and Harry Styles, 17, the One Direction singer, are the subjects of the Sun’s front-page news:

“Harrys sends Flack packing”

Followed by such revelations as: “Harrys sends Flack to the green grocers”; “Harry sends Flack to the dry cleaners”; “Harry sends Flack to John Lewis for some new towels and a mat that goes around the base of the toilet”.

Harry Styles, meanwhile, has sent himself to GAME and the sweetshop.

Of course the story is that the pair have split up. A source says “it’s a blow to Caroline” and that the romance “put a lot of pressure on Harry” and that they have “decided to stay friends”.

Because being friendly – genuinely friendly – is a conscious decision and not an emotive state.

Note: Back in December, the People reported:

We spotted 32-year-old Caroline sneaking into 17-year-old Harry’s London home carrying a special pillow shortly after 7pm on Thursday night.

It’s either that or sleep on a teenage boy’s linen.


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