Anorak News | Is it too late to call Paris over the LondonOlympics bill?

Is it too late to call Paris over the LondonOlympics bill?

by | 30th, January 2012

WHAT joy eh, yet another rise in the bill for the Olympics:

The true cost of the London 2012 Games for the UK taxpayer comes in at over £12 billion, £2.7 bn more than the 9.3bn budget, a Sky investigation has revealed.

And yes, that is 6 times the number the lying scum told us it would be before they bid for the damn foolery. Jeebus, do we really need to pay £12 billion to give athletes a drugs and sex jamboree?

But note that this isn’t the full number either. In fact, this number doesn’t even include the costs of staging the actual games at all.

That’s another £2 billion hidden away in Locog, the company actually doing the getting the athletes to the stadia etc. Nor does it include the extra security, the fact that 12,000 police officers are going to be escorting the druggies through the city instead of arresting drug dealers, nor even the £6 billion and change on transport improvements which were done early, fast, badly and expensively to get them in before the Games.

Add all of those in and we’re talking more like £24 billion in real costs just so the lycra clad can prance around our capital city for a few weeks. There’s some 30 million taxpayers in the UK: so it’s all costing each and every one of them £800.

Nah, sod it, is it really too late to call Paris and see if they still want it?

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