Anorak News | Sun staffers saved by Human Rights Act their paper hates

Sun staffers saved by Human Rights Act their paper hates

by | 15th, February 2012

WHERE does the Sun stand on Human Rights? Let’s see:

* “David Cameron’s Human Rights & Wrongs – HUMAN rights judges will be put in the dock by David Cameron in Strasbourg today — for presiding over a “small claims court” for terrorists and chancers” – Sun, Jan 25, 2012

* “Court of Human Frights” – Sun, Jan 26, 2012

* “Human Rights laws’ use is ‘barmy – BRITAIN’S equality supremo yesterday blasted the “thoroughly bonkers” way human rights laws are being used” – Sun, Dec 12, 2011

* “May: Scrap the Human Rights Act – Home Secretary calls for hated laws to be axed” – The Sun, October 2, 2011

* “HOME Secretary Theresa May today vowed to end Britain’s human rights farce” – The Sun October 4, 2011

* “THE hated European human rights act is costing the UK more than £9BILLION a year, experts said last night” – The Sun April 26, 2011

” KEN Clarke sparked anger yesterday by insisting Britain would NOT withdraw from the hated European Convention on Human Rights” – The Sun, April 26, 2011


* “Sun staff line up human rights challenge to News Corp inquiry team” – The Guardian, Februaer 15, 2012

Such are the facts…

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