Anorak News | TOWIE cast present KAK-jazzle range of official merchandise

TOWIE cast present KAK-jazzle range of official merchandise

by | 17th, February 2012

IN Essex they defecate Rolex watches. It’s the only real explanation as to why a street cleaner named Arron Large working near Chalkwell railway station has found two Rolex watches and two further top-of-the-range timepieces in drains.
The BBC says one of the two Rolex watches is worth £21,000. Of course, it depends who passed it. If the watch was defecated by a member of The Only Way Is Essex cast, it could be worth thousands more. (TOWIE branding team – call me. I have ideas. KAK-jazzle?!)
Says local PC Soontorn:
“To find one watch in a drain is one thing. To find three more within feet of one another is another thing so that’s part of our investigation. It possibly could be a burglary or a robbery. Someone may have stashed it there and may have forgotten where they’ve thrown it.” 
Nah! It’s definitely a sign that Essex people are not like the rest of us, eating watches for pleasure and gilding their innards..
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