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Why Government costs so damn much

by | 17th, February 2012

WHY does the Government cost so damn much? There’s no doubt about it, we’ve got to actually have government of some kind. 65 million people on one island in the North Sea really aren’t going to survive very long in anarchy. And if we’ve got to have government then we’ve got to have taxes to pay for it too.

But why does government have to cost so much and why do the taxes have to be so damn high?

But civil servants at one government department viewed the dilemma of opening the post as so serious, they ordered a taxpayer-funded inquiry to establish the best way to open envelopes.

Yes. That’s why. They spent four months and £5,000 looking into how they should open the morning post. After their investigations they didn’t actually change anything mind, they just carried on with the same old methods. Those who got into the office early did the letter opening.

Which is how we know this report came some parallel universe of course: Royal Mail hardly ever delivers before noon now, does it?


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