Anorak News | The Big Masterchef porky pie – Tom’s souffle brings us down

The Big Masterchef porky pie – Tom’s souffle brings us down

by | 17th, February 2012

GREG Wallace was filmed on camera telling MasterChef hopeful Tom Rennolds that his chilli and pineapple souffle was “lovely“.

Only the souffle viewers saw was saggier than Ann Widdecombe’s breast of duck. How could Wallace have eaten one so pert and risen? Had one replaced the other to deceive the public?

The BBC says the thing “naturally deflated“.

“We always shoot the souffles as soon as time is called and cooking is finished. Then filming of the judging continues, by which time souffles have naturally deflated. This doesn’t affect the tasting or judging at all as the souffle taste remains the same and, of course, the judges have seen how it looks when first plated up.”

Utter nonsense, of course. The BBC claims veracity. It increases the tempo of the music, rushing the contestants to a myriad deadlines – will the toast brown in time? will Stacey get her peas cooked before the lamb in ready? With only five minutes to plating up, Dan’s livers are still raw. “Come on… come on!” urge Wallace and John Torode. They glance at watches, eye each other and shake their heads.

But it’s all a lie. We’re told the food tastes the same whether its on time or been sitting on a plate for ten minutes. The judges awaiting their free nosh are no more kicking their heels then they dashing back from the bogs. The BBC claims it’s all true and then says that because it’s the telly, fiction is part of the process.

Believe nothing. The stuff’s probably made of plastic…


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