Anorak News | German language experts thank English for gifting it ‘shitstorm’

German language experts thank English for gifting it ‘shitstorm’

by | 18th, February 2012

SHITSTORM. That was the English language’s most vital contribution to the German language in 2011.

Michael Mann, a judge sitting on the Anglicism of the Year panel, explains:

“This new kind of protest is clearly different in kind and degree from what could be expected in the past in response to a statement or action. Shitstorm fills a gap in the German vocabulary that has become apparent through changes in the culture of public debate.” 

The Anglicism of the Year contest is run by the University of Hamburg’s linguist Anatol Stefanowitsch. It recognises English’s contribution to German as the language evolves. “The borrowing of words is a natural process that occurs in any language,” the jury’s statement said.

Stefanowitsch adds:

The word shitstorm not only has an outstanding literary pedigree.

See: Far Form The Madding Shitstorm, Shitstorm (aka The Book of Exodus), The Day of The Shitstorm and so on…

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