Anorak News | A new film about paedophiles and Madeleine McCann

A new film about paedophiles and Madeleine McCann

by | 19th, February 2012

READY for a new film about Madeleine McCann? The List has an interview with Markus Schleinzer – writer and director of Michael:

His debut film is “based on Madeleine McCann and Josef Fritzl cases”.

Madeleine McCann went misisng. We do not know what happened to her. Josef Fritzl imprisoned and raped his children.

Schleinzer has spent 17 years in the Austrian film industry as a casting director, working for filmmakers such as Michael Haneke (The Piano Teacher, The White Ribbon), Jessica Hausner (Lovely Rita, Lourdes) and Ulrich Seidl (Dog Days). His debut feature, Michael, which he wrote and directed, was the only German-language film in competition at Cannes in 2011. Inspired by the Natascha Kampusch and Josef Fritzl cases, and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, it observes the last five months in the relationship between a 35-year-old paedophile (Michael Fuith) and a 10-year-old boy (David Rauchenberger) whom he keeps in his locked basement.

The List begins its interview:

On high-profile paedophile cases


“When I began writing the script for Michael in late 2008, you couldn’t pick up a paper or switch on the TV, without noticing the Madeleine McCann or the Josef Fritzl cases. I was disgusted by the way the tabloid press used these stories to make money. I wanted to make a film about paedophilia which wasn’t easy to consume.”

The tabloid press, it could be argued, raised the profile of the cases. But they wer very different. Fritzl came to media attention after his crimes wer exposed. We do not know what happend to the media’s Our Maddie. Her story has been one of speculation. There is not proof paedos wer involved in her vanishing.

But, still, if her name can help your film to get noticed…

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