Anorak News | Chris Brown and Rihanna use domestic violence to further their careers

Chris Brown and Rihanna use domestic violence to further their careers

by | 21st, February 2012

YOU may be disgusted and horrified at the fact Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna for a prolonged period 3 years ago, but that doesn’t mean anyone else does. In fact, the entertainment industry – as beleaguered as it is – is more than happy to use domestic violence as a way of selling records.

See, even though there’s still court orders in place on Brown to stop him from seeing Rihanna, that’s not stopped them musically collaborating.

Breezy appears on Rihanna’s ‘Birthday Cake’ remix and Ri returned the favour by appearing on a remix of his new track, ‘Turn Up the Music.’

Now then. While Brown has still yet to apologise for his actions to those that have given him a second stab at a career which, of course, saw him picking up a Grammy Award (for ‘best RnB’) this month, and Rihanna has said little on the whole thing, we can only assume that the intense interest in the pair and accompanying silence from either party, is a result of one of the most awful PR campaigns in the world.

Instead of the couple talking about the wrongs of the assault or, indeed, using their platform to talk about forgiveness and rehabilitation, they’re more than happy to be part of a sales push that uses a man beating a woman up to create free publicity.

As such, one can only hope that both careers begin to falter.


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