Anorak News | David Cameron vows to ‘crush’ racism at Chipping Norton FC

David Cameron vows to ‘crush’ racism at Chipping Norton FC

by | 22nd, February 2012

DAVID Cameron has ordered that football bosses “crush” racism. After that the Prime Minister will order police bosses to crush racism at the station; MPs to crush racism in Westminster; the media to crush racism in newsrooms; the Camerons to crush racism at home; the Bullingdon Club to crush racism in the gin shoppe; and so on…

Says Cameron:

“This is not just important for football, it’s important for the whole country…We need to act quickly to make sure those problems do not creep back in.”

You start off with Liverpool’s Luis Suarez calling Manchester United’s Patrice Evra a “negro” and before you know it you’ve got the slack-jawed white football fans rampaging on race riots, another white middle-aged man in Number 10 and no black editor or deputy editors of national newspapers. Luis Suarez is a funny foreigner who might well bring the country to its knees.

As Cameron, of Chipping Norton, notes, racism has been crushed but only football can let it back in.

How the elite love the white working class and their funny game on which all the fashionable ills of society can be blamed. What would they do without it?

Image: Prime Minister David Cameron and former football player John Barnes (right) during a roundtable anti-discrimination summit with former players and football bosses at Downing Street, central London. The PM said he had seen for himself the influence that behaviour on the pitch could exercise over young children and others off it. What utter, utter, utter bollocks.

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