Anorak News | Crocodile eats man’s testicles – white farmer’s blamed

Crocodile eats man’s testicles – white farmer’s blamed

by | 23rd, February 2012

A CROCODILE has bitten into Jonah Maturure’s penis and eaten his testicles.
This was not a sex act gone wrong. Mr Maturure was crossing Zimbabwe’s flooded Chivake River  Gutu when the croc attacked. As he says:
“I was not suspecting anything. I had earlier on crossed the river using the same crossing place.” 
Mr Maturure, a father of four, had removed all his clothes save for his knickers and placed them atop the box of tomatoes he was carrying on his head. And then:
“It grabbed a chunk of my buttocks before attacking my manhood – tearing my testicles into shreds. The skin covering my penis was partly torn, but I quickly put my thumb in its mouth to try and choke it, but it grabbed my hand and I could hear my bones crushing with every squeeze. Realising that I was losing the battle, I let go of the box of tomatoes that I was carrying on my head and it fell into the river causing a splash. At that instant, the crocodile released its grip on my hand and ran towards the noise. I used the opportunity to walk to the other bank with blood flowing down my legs from the wounds.”
Can anyone be blamed?
Maturure says the February 6 attack was not the first in the area, and claims crocodiles were released into Nyazvidzi Dam by white farmers who wanted to stop local communities from fishing.
Grab you pole and run, lads…

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