Anorak News | Madeleine McCann spotted in Alhaurin el Grande – get the gypsy

Madeleine McCann spotted in Alhaurin el Grande – get the gypsy

by | 24th, February 2012

MADELEINE MCANN: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Our Maddie in the news: she’s been spotted in a Mercadona shop…

The Oliver Press (story now gone) told its readers:

Yvonne Tunnicliffe, who has lived in Spain for six years, made the sighting while shopping at a Mercadona store in Alhaurin el Grande in 2009….”She had mousy blonde hair in scruffy plaits, very fair skin and looked about seven or eight, which is how old she would have been now”…

As reader Karen says:

She wouldn’t have been that old in 2009.

The site adds:

A BRITISH expat based in Spain is ‘100 per cent sure’ she saw missing Madeleine McCann in a supermarket on the Costa del Sol. The former M&S sales assistant, 63, is adamant the young girl is the missing Briton after seeing her with a man she describes as looking like ‘a gypsy’.

Go on:

He had dark, curly hair down to his neck and was wearing a distinctive bullring-type earring. “He sounded Portuguese and was certainly not from Alhaurin.” Tunnicliffe claims the girl – who was wearing a pale blue top and trousers – did not look Spanish.

The Daily Star picks up the story:

A BRITISH woman claims she saw Madeleine McCann with a man who looked “like a gypsy”.

A big fat gypsy. Always the bigger fatter gypsier gypsies:

Yvonne Tunnicliffe said she was certain the girl was the missing youngster as she was the spitting image of Maddie’s dad Gerry. Yvonne, 63, saw the girl at a ­supermarket in Alhaurin el Grande in Spain and contacted police a week later. But when they took the ex-sales assistant to examine CCTV tapes from the shop, the manager said footage was ­routinely deleted after seven days.


The sighting was in 2009, but Yvonne has come forward again to expat news site The Olive Press after she read ­other claims Maddie could have been snatched by a gypsy gang.

What claims? No proof. When you get to the gypsies, you know the police case is shagged:

Yvonne said: “My whole body shook when I saw her. She looked just like her daddy. The girl’s demeanour ­bothered me. I don’t think she belonged to the man ­because she didn’t look anything like him.” 

Why didn’t you shout out “Madeleine”, Yvonne?

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