Anorak News | Amanda Holden died for 40 seconds – the Sun mocks Hugh Grant’s Leveson lines?

Amanda Holden died for 40 seconds – the Sun mocks Hugh Grant’s Leveson lines?

by | 26th, February 2012

AMANDA Holden kicks off the Sun on Sunday by telling readers “My Heart stopped for 40 seconds”.

It’s a dead ‘n’ tell.

Speaking of her hell for the first time in a world exclusive interview, Amanda told The Sun: “I was moments from death.

The Sun has decided that the next best thing to a dead star is a TV star who nearly died. When Amanda Holden gave birth to Hollie, she suffered a haemorrhage and was treated in intensive care.

Oddly, the one person who might not be able to recall the details of the medical emergency, Amanda Hold=en, is the one who tells us:

“As much blood as they were putting into me was going out. It just would not clot. I lost about 13 to 15 litres of it all in all. For seven minutes Chris didn’t know if I was alive or dead. They literally ran out of my blood group in London. They had them on mopeds coming from everywhere with it.”

How fascinating were Amanda able to tell what it was like to be on the fringes of death. But instead we get an episode of Casualty, in which Amanda plays Blanche Dubois. As the Mail says:

Amanda credits the generosity of those strangers who gave blood with her life, and can’t offer enough praise to those who donate so kindly.

Amanda gives us more medical details:

“I had something called placenta previa – a low-lying placenta that prevents you from giving birth naturally. I also had placenta accreta – which meant my placenta was stuck to the C-section scar from the two previous births. But everyone at the hospital knew about it and we were prepared for it. We had pints of blood ready- everything was covered for the worst-care scenario.”

Her husband Chris joins in:

“I suddenly heard a ‘splash’ sound. I thought someone had  knocked a bucket of water all over the floor. But it wasn’t water – it was Amanda’s blood…It seeped into everyone’s shoes.”

The story about one woman’s health problems is now a national event. The Sun on Sunday has listened to Hugh Grant tell us and Leveson Inquiry about the tabloid pack “besieging the mother of my child” and how details of Charlotte Church’s pregnancy hit the newsstands before the singer’s mother had been told,  and decided to lead with the story of a star cementing her fame by showing the tabloids her medical records. What price a star’s privacy?

Tabloid journalism isn’t dead. It just held it’s breath for a while…


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