Anorak News | Man arrested with 19-inch TV and brake fluid down pants

Man arrested with 19-inch TV and brake fluid down pants

by | 26th, February 2012

MUG Shot of The Day features the face of  Columbia Heights man Eric King Lee, who was caught with a 19-inch television in his trousers.

A police officer noted that King was walking “straight-legged, shuffling his feet, and not bending his knees.”

The storys then turns into one of lazy, aggressive policing and magic:

After honking his horn and getting no response, the officer got out of his car and approached King. Police say King squatted down and reached into his pants, so the office handcuffed him for safety reasons. That’s when the officer saw a large, square item wrapped in plastic shoved down the man’s pants. The item turned out to be a 19-inch flat screen television.

Police say they also recovered a remote, power cords, and a bottle of brake fluid from his pants, along with two blue pills that were identified as the controlled substance Xanax.

And for his next trick, who wants to see the rabbit..?

(Rabbit appears 2mins 45s in):

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