Anorak News | Rat attacks man in Surrey hospital – NHS says it’s a mouse

Rat attacks man in Surrey hospital – NHS says it’s a mouse

by | 27th, February 2012

WAS Jason Ketley attacked by a rat  at a specialist care unit in St Ebba’s hospital, Epsom, Surrey?

The Daily Mirror reports:

“His ordeal only ended when staff spotted the 42-year-old stumbling around a corridor with the rat hanging from his neck by its teeth.”


Nurses knocked the creature off and killed it. Hospital bosses claimed it was a field mouse.

Rat. Field mouse. But which one is more revolting? Harry Hill would order a fight. The rest of would wonder if the debate is worth it.

Jason’s mum Pat Boardman tells the paper:

“That’s an outrageous claim. He had large, open bite marks. I’m appalled that this sort of thing could happen to my son in an NHS hospital in this day and age. He was completely helpless and terrified. It’s a disgrace. He was very scared and the staff had to show him they had killed the rat to prove it could no longer hurt him.”

We are told that Jason has a “mental age of two”.

Why is that relevant? Do two-year-olds have trouble differentiating between rodents? Roland Rat or Rastamouse, kids?

Jo Young, Director Quality and Nursing at Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, tells the Mail:

“Our records indicate that a mouse was seen in the house in November and that pest control was alerted immediately but we are unable to provide a complete response to all the concerns raised until we know the outcome of our investigation.”

Don’t panic. It’s not a rat hanging from your neck by its teeth. It’s a mouse. Nothing to see here. Move along now…

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