Anorak News | Vladimir Putin strips off for the voters (again)

Vladimir Putin strips off for the voters (again)

by | 28th, February 2012

VLADIMIR Putin is warming up for his re-election as Russia’s leading action figure by surviving an assassination attempt by a gang formed by Doku Umarov, the warlord leading an Islamist insurgency in Chechnya – the usual Chechen suspects (Adam Osmayev and Ilya Pyanzin) have been arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in Odessa before they could do anything – and stripping 0ff for a photoshoot.

Hubert Seipel has in I Putin captured Putin relaxing. Voters can see Putin swimming while his dog Koni looks on; playing ice hockey; fighting a woman at judo; and looking hot and sweaty by pile of coffee cups.

The women you don’t see is Vlad’s wife, Lyudmila, and 28-year-old Alina Kabaeva, a former Olympic champion gymnast and now an MP with Mr Putin’s United Russia party.

Imagine that – seeing a leader without his wife. No Cherie Blair. No Michelle Obama. No Sam Cam.  No end of joy…

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