Anorak News | The Socialist Workers’ Party and workfare slavery beats the mighty beasts

The Socialist Workers’ Party and workfare slavery beats the mighty beasts

by | 28th, February 2012

THE Socialist Workers’ Party has a view on workfare slavery. It’s all been rather amusing this revolt against the government’s workfare plans.

The idea was, as you will recall, that those who had been unemployed for a long time should turn up and do a few shifts of simple work in return for their dole. This has been argued about for decades and was in fact started off under the Labour Government (called “Welfare to Work” and some variation of New Deal at different times). The idea is that people who have been unemployed for a long time lose some of the skills that make them employable. This bribe or threaten them back into some form of, any form of, work to allow them to regain those skills. We’re talking about things like getting there, washed and brushed, on time. Sober. Simple stuff.

OK, some people didn’t like this and the scheme seems to be falling over. Which is where the amusement comes in. It’s being generally assumed that it’s the Socialist Workers’ Party that has been organising the online campaigns and thus “winning” this fight.

But the cornerstone of the SWP belief system is that companies are much, much, too powerful and that we need a bloody revolution to overturn this power system. Yet three men and a dog from the SWP using Twitter have managed to get those big companies on the run. Which shows that those big companies are not quite the all powerful beings of SWP imagination.

That is, the very fact that the SWP has been able to beat the capitalists in this instance shows that the SWP’s entire worldview is wrong, doesn’t it?

Something which I hope you find as amusing as I do.

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