Anorak News | Atheists recruit New York’s Jews and Muslims to unite in race war

Atheists recruit New York’s Jews and Muslims to unite in race war

by | 3rd, March 2012

LET’S get the atheists! The atheist group American Atheists has invested in billboards declaring that God is “a myth”. The statements will be erected in New York’s Muslim and Jewish neighbourhoods.

Why preach to the believers? Calling them stupid will not change views. It will just harden them.

American Atheists – not to be confused with the less patriotic Atheists of America – say:

The purpose of these boards is to advertise the Reason Rally and the American Atheists National Convention to the atheists in the Muslim and Jewish Communities.  Insular communities like these are designed to squelch individualism and religious criticism, making the atheists in these communities feel particularly alone — they are not…

These billboards are not meant to inflame or enrage, and while the comparison of how the Jewish and Muslim communities react will be interesting, we expect no violence nor vandalism.  Although some in those communities might not appreciate our outreach, we have every right and every responsibility to advertise our organization and our movement as we see fit.  In the future, there will likely be more boards in these and other communities, as we extend our hand to the entirety of the very diverse atheistic American population.

The atheist missionaries are insulting the believers in their own languages in order not to incite violence or disharmony. Atheists are using the religious to define themselves.

Maybe it will work. Just as fear, Jesus appearing in tacos, old books and cartoons have affirmed monotheism and the existence of God to explain the mysteries of the universe, maybe atheists convert believer with a natty slogan?

It’s game on in New York, where the Jews and Muslims can now unite against a common enemy. World harmony is upon us. Let’s get the atheists!


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