Anorak News | Teenager Gemma Barker posed as boys to trick other girls into sex

Teenager Gemma Barker posed as boys to trick other girls into sex

by | 5th, March 2012

GEMMA Barker was 19 when she created fake Facebook profiles in the names of Aaron Lampard, Connor McCormack and Luke Jones to facilitate sexual encounters with two 15 and 16-year-old friends. Each of her alter egos was given a mobile number, their own dress sense and email addresses. Barker hid her true gender beneath baggy clothes and a hat. She never had full sex with the victims, but engaged in kissing, cuddling and groping.

At Guildford Crown Court Judge Peter Moss told her:

“I have concluded that these offences are so serious that only a custodial sentence is appropriate.”

Barker had previously admitted two counts of sexual assault and one of fraud by tricking the girls into relationships.

The Times reports:

Chetna Patel, Barker’s barrister, told a sentencing hearing that the defendant suffers from autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which she said meant she “struggles to understand the motives and the intentions of others”.

The Mail adds:

She told one of her victims that her character, whom she called Aaron, had lost his mother to a car accident and two brothers, one to leukaemia and the other to drowning.Her cover was only blown when one of the girls noticed that her ‘boyfriend’ looked striking similar to the boy her friend was dating.

So. Teenager tricks other teenagers she met over the web into sexual encounters. In court, Barker’s brief says her client aimed to be the “perfect boyfriend”.  Not perfect. More stereotypical…

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