Anorak News | Stacey Solomon smokes through pregnancy and gets shouted at by the whole world

Stacey Solomon smokes through pregnancy and gets shouted at by the whole world

by | 6th, March 2012

THICK but nice. That’s what everyone thinks of Stacey Solomon isn’t it? You wouldn’t trust her to perform eye-surgery but you would absolutely let her meet your nana. She’s unswervingly sweet but not the sharpest spoon in the drawer.

Well, unsurprisingly, Stacey’s gone and done a thick. Yessir, she got snapped smoking fags while she has a baby growing inside her. Now, that may have been one measly cigarette in the whole 9 months (she’s 7 months gone), which would’ve done little-to-no damage, but that matters not. The press demand that mothers make no mistakes. EVER.

The backlash has been huge, leaving the I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here winner wriggling uncomfortably on Phil and Holly’s This Morning couch. She just can’t quit smoking (notoriously difficult) and now she has to give the puppydog eyes to the camera and accept that what she’s doing is irresponsible and dangerous.

“What can I say… it’s something that I’m really ashamed and really embarrassed about,” Stacey admits. “I was in the studio at work, I was there all day, just writing and having meetings, just a normal day at work I suppose…

“As soon as you get pregnant, that’s the first thing you think is ‘that’s not right, I’ve got to stop [smoking]’, and I have one hundred percent cut down and have gone down to the minimum of what I would [smoke] on a normal day.”

“I was on 5 or 10 a day [before I was pregnant], but as soon as I found out I was pregnant obviously I thought ‘that’s it, I don’t want to do it, full stop,’ but its not as easy as not doing it. So I cut completely down and from there on and I’ve been trying to just stop.

Holly Willoughby confronted Solomon saying, “When you are pregnant you obviously want to do everything you can possibly do to protect the baby… and we know so much [about the dangers now] – was that not enough?”

Stacey replied, “I have no answer to that. Of course its enough and at the end of the day nothing that I can say can make it right that I have continued… and all I can say is that from the day that I found out that I was pregnant I’ve tried my hardest and I’m continuing to try… its not just because of Sundays pictures, it is my child and I care more about my children than anyone.”

“I completely understand why people are angry because to some people its incomprendable that you would do such a thing, and I understand that its a selfish thing and its something that’s not good, so I do get the criticism – I don’t for one minute think its unjustified.”

Poor, thick, Stacey Solomon. Still, at least the same people who have chided her in the press will get to run ‘heartbreak’ stories on their pages if her baby ends up disabled in any way, right? It’s all part of the same merry-go-round.

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