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Man’s face eaten by parasite – photos

by | 7th, March 2012

IN his book Against Nature, Joris-Karl Huysman’s character Jean Des Esseintes escapes Paris by never leaving his home. The exotic comes to him. He will experience all of life alone. He aims to go nowhere. To meet no-one.

Adam Spencer wanted to travel. He journeyed from his native Oregon to South America. Spencer and his lover visited six countries. When they reached Bolivia, the intrepid traveller spotted a scab on his face.  At first he ignored it. But it grew. And it grew. He reutend to the US and saw a medic. Spencer had brought back a souvenir – the single-celled parasite Leishmania. A sand fly had bitten him. And now the parasite in that bite was eating his face.

Spencer’s story can be seen on Monsters Inside Me on the Discovery Channel. No need to leave the house. Just tune in. Let the exotic come to you…


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