Anorak News | Daily Mail fails Tiffany Porter’s Plastic Brit test

Daily Mail fails Tiffany Porter’s Plastic Brit test

by | 9th, March 2012

TIFFANY Porter is the Daily Mail’sPlastic Brit“. She’s the captain of Team GB at the World Indoor Championships in Turkey.

The Mail says she’s “plastic” because she was born and raised in Michigan. Tiffany Porter represented the United States as a junior. And now she represents Britain because her mother was born in London (her father is Nigerian).

This is a great country, where we welcome talent. But the Daily Mail does not share those values. Its reporter asks Porter to recite the opening liese to God Save The Queen, you know, like the Scots and Welsh don’t do at international sporting events. She can’t or won’t. She should, of course, have asked the reporter to sing the second verse. It’s that ability that marks you as an authentic Briton.

Perhaps the Mail’s Amanda Platell can offer her own take on the story in her Mail column. She’s the Australian who became William Hague’s press secretary and now writes on British issues for British readers.

Will the Mail invite Plastic Amanda to then write a biog on the Mail’s founder Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe – the Plastic Brit born in Ireland?


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