Anorak News | Denise Richards is not a prostitute, apparently (Charlie Sheen gutted?)

Denise Richards is not a prostitute, apparently (Charlie Sheen gutted?)

by | 9th, March 2012

TAKING money to indulge in sexual practices. That’s what a prostitute does, right? Well, actress Denise Richards would like to point out that she’s not a lady of the night. Although she does technically take money for indulging in sexual practices with other thesps on camera. But she’s definitely not a prostitute. Okay? Her ex-husband,¬†Charlie Sheen can “vouch” for her.

And he’s incredibly trustworthy, isn’t he? (See Charlie Sheen’s lovers here. The sex doll’s this way.)

During a TV interview, Denise was asked about the craziest things she has ever heard about herself. Denise admits there have been a host of ridiculous rumours, but she was most shocked about claims regarding her sexual activity.

“The craziest rumour that’s ever been written about me is that I was a prostitute for Heidi Fleiss,” Denise said in an interview with Nancy O’Dell for Entertainment Tonight. “I think my ex-husband [Charlie Sheen] would vouch for me, and Heidi I’m sure would too, that I was not. I’ve never been a hooker.”

Got that? If she was, she’d be too expensive for the likes of us.

Speaking of Sheen, Denise went through their messy divorce and subsequent refriending of each other.

“We went through a lot but it takes two people to make that commitment and make it about the kids,” she explained. “It is hard. But if we can get through this and get to the other side – and we do have a great relationship for our kids – then I think anyone can if we are able to.”

In many ways, surviving a marriage with Charlie Sheen is far more harrowing than being a prostitute, so we should probably believe her on this one.


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