Anorak News | Man charged with castrating goat rapist

Man charged with castrating goat rapist

by | 10th, March 2012

TO Worcester, South Africa, where a woman is watching a man rape a goat. She tells the goat owner, Andile Nzilili. Nzilili, 42, then allegedly tries to castrate the goat shagger with a pair of pliers. Soon after, the farmer is arrested.

Says a Victoria Mzamo:

“The woman saw him and asked why he was raping the goat. He told the woman he was going to kill the goat and eat it when he is done. She told Andile what was happening and when the rapist got to him, they got into a fight. The alleged animal violator took out a long knife and Nzilili told his child to go get his pliers. That’s when (Nzilili) took it and cut his (genitals).”

The Indy notes:

The injured man, who was left with a bleeding crotch, was rushed to hospital with his pride and manhood barely intact. He is unmarried and lives alone in a small shack in Zwelethemba.

Nzilili has been charged with  attempted murder.

His wife Nolubabalo Mbengo says it’s not the first time:

“It happened two times before but we never caught the person. The first time I noticed that one of the goats was bleeding from behind. We don’t know what happened but then there was another time when I saw someone in the bush doing something to another one of our goats.”

When asked how he felt, the goat replied, “baaaaaaaaaaad.”

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