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Breast Implant Watch: Stephen Kellaway’s crimes of passion

by | 10th, March 2012

BREAST Implant Watch: Stephen Kellaway was at Croydon Crown Court last week. Kellaway, a 54-year-old former psychologist, had enacted various scams, including pretending to be dead in order to claim money to fund, among other items, his Russian wife’s new breasts. He has been found guilty of defrauded the taxpayer of £43,622 and sent down for 32 months choky.

In 2012, Kellaway, his wife Nelli and his step-daughter Natalia went to Moscow. Nelli came back with new boobs, whitened teeth, a funeral urn carrying what might have been her husband’s ashes and life insurance documents worth £1.7m, which it is believed she intended to cash in.

Mark Hunsworth, prosecuting, told the court:

“She claimed her husband had died two days earlier and the urn contained his ashes.”

Stephen Kellaway was not dead. He wasn’t even in the urn. He had merely paid a mortuary worked in Moscow to plant his passport on a dead tramp and then issue a fake death certificate in the name of Stephen Kellaway.

Sky News reports:

Meanwhile, Kellaway fled to Thailand – but not before using a legal loophole to obtain an Irish passport in the name of a dead child. He used it to fly to the UK several times to see his parents in Brighton. In 2010, Nelli Kellaway was given a two-year suspended prison sentence for her part in the fraud and ordered to repay £55,000.

In 2011, Kellaway was found sleeping rough inside Bangkok’s Suvarnabhuni Airport. He had no passport.

Crime of passion, eh, readers. The breasts made him do it, allegedly…

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