Anorak News | EastEnders’ Shona McGarty fails Asda’s yoghurt police

EastEnders’ Shona McGarty fails Asda’s yoghurt police

by | 11th, March 2012

NEWS is that EatEnders actress Shona McGarty has been barred from the Asda supermarket in Watford, Herts. She allegedly, as the Sun puts it, “suggestively smearing herself with YOGHURT.”

The only thing yoghurt suggests is irritable bowel syndrome or vegetarianism. Put a Muller Fruit Corner on your face is it’s suggestive of sick.

Shona, 20, plays the world’s foremost living Whitney – Whitney Dean. An “angry mum” is quoted:

“It was disgusting. The man was opening up pots and looked as if he was throwing it around. Then the girl started to smear it over herself in a suggestive manner. I had my kids aged ten and nine with me and they certainly don’t need to see that in the shopping aisles of Asda.”

The people who make things like Actavia fig yoghurt (with bits in) must be delighted to learn that yoghurt is sexy. For so long, ice-cream has been the number one chilled milk-based produced sold as a sex aide, seeing off cheese, lemon curd and even creme caramels.

The Sun adds:

Shona and EastEnders co-star Matt, 25, who plays Anthony Moon, were ordered out of the superstore in Watford, Herts, and told not to return unless their behaviour improved.

How does that work? Does Asda employ a team of examiners who offer tests for those who want to shop there? Are there tutors and college courses? Is Shona McGarty in the remedial group, good enough for Aldi, but not yet Lidl? Who knew that not anyone could get into Asda, the UK’s WalMart brand? These people have auditioned. They’re the ruddy creme de la creme.

An Asda spokeswoman confirmed the incident, saying: “This isn’t us being Albert squares. As with any customer found to be causing a ruckus in our stores, we politely asked the culprits to leave so they didn’t offend other shoppers.”

They then told the press.

An EastEnders source “adds”:

“They were larking around with products they were planning to buy.”

Test before you buy. Very wise. You might make dreadful mistake and eat the stuff…

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