Anorak News | Which London pub features a urine dungeon?

Which London pub features a urine dungeon?

by | 13th, March 2012

VICE magazine tells the story of the Central London pub that features a “piss dungeon”. A man approaches the barman:

“Listen mate, this is gonna sound totally insane, but I’ve just gone for a piss in the urinal and I could’ve sworn I saw an eyeball looking up from the hole.”


“Not just an eyeball, but like, an eyebrow as well. And the eye was looking around.”

In the gent’s they find the floor swimming in urine. So much the norm. At the back of the adjoining room the fire door is locked. The barman unlocks the door. A man comes charging out. He yells:  “I didn’t do anything!” He escapes.

The pair surveyed the scene:

The plumbing for the urinal had been carefully removed and put to one side, leaving a hole in the masonry big enough for a head and shoulders to squeeze in. Tissue paper had been laid on the exposed brick-work to provide a comfortable head rest for what seemed to be a lengthy session of being pissed on. By men. In secret. In a pub belonging to pretty much the biggest pub chain in Britain. Oh, and did I mention the snorkel?

You’re never alone in the gent’s…


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