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The Voice v Britain’s Got Talent – who do we hate the most

by | 13th, March 2012

ANOTHER year, another round of the usual “reality” offerings from both terrestrial giants. The BBC have plumped for The Voice and ITV are once again knocking out Britain’s Got Talent. The question seems to be: who will prevail in the ratings war that hangs inevitably around the corner? The other question might be: does anyone really care?

The big question for the producers is if their format shows can keep the audience’s interests after the freaks, weirdos and entertainingly talentless have been mocked and kicked off?

The over saturation of reality TV shows over the past ten years has increasingly led people to believe that this type of thing matters; the shows end up creating their own hype. Who really cares which show is more popular? Who cares who wins it? The only interesting thing about this story is watching Simon Cowell and BBC executives get their handbags out over the scheduling clash, with both sides baring their teeth over the issue. For example, take this story inĀ Metro:

Why add the “not like the X Factor judges” bit? No one wants to hear how much better you think you are than the other set of judges. All of this malarkey is just shameless self promotion under the guise of it being about “the people”. How many headlines are we going to see in upcoming weeks about the judges and their petty little spats with each other?

As for what I’ll be watching, I personally think the fresh paint in my bathroom deserves more attention than both of these shows, and as for the BBC producing this kind of tripe, I would appreciate my license fee back, please.

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