Anorak News | TOWIE’s Lauren Pope is the face of PIP implants

TOWIE’s Lauren Pope is the face of PIP implants

by | 14th, March 2012

WHEN the PIP implants story hit the news cycle we knew it would not be long before the story of industrial silicon breasts garnered a celebrity face. And so today the Sun serves up Lauren Pope.

In “I was terrified my PIP implants were a ticking timebomb. I just wanted them out”

TOWIE’s Lauren Pope reveals all – literally. Says the Sun:

At a slender size 8, with razor-sharp cheekbones and flawless skin, it is hard to imagine the former glamour model turned DJ being unhappy with her body. But Lauren had longed for bigger boobs since she was a teenager.

Says Lauren:

“I thought about my boobs every single day. I was obsessed.”

Sun readers nod. They know the feeling. Thankfully, with Google images you need never be far away from Lauren’s breasts.

And so it was that “flawless” Lauren scored a pair and went from a 34B to a D. But it was a triumph not free of suffering:

“I was like a hunchback for two weeks afterwards.”

Did they stick them on the wrong side, Lauren? Were you back to front?

“My dad had to help me get out of bed every morning, I couldn’t get up on my own.”

It sounds horrible. Add in a ruptured filler and Lauren’s physical pain is matched by mental anguish. Blessedly, she got them out. And then put other ones back in:

She was seen recovering on screen in an episode of Towie in February.

When your knockers are pat of a fly-in-the-jacuzzi dramality show you know the pain was worth it. As she says:

“The operation was so much easier the second time round. I did a lot more research and I’ve got a book telling me exactly what is in the new implants.”

Is it the stuff they put inside Cadbury Cream Eggs, Lauren? Or sawdust. You can trust sawdust.

“I always try to put a positive spin on things. I’d never been fully happy with the shape and position of my first set, so why not use this to my advantage? I’ve gone up another size, so I’m a DD now and they’re a slightly different shape.”

Every cloud has silver lining, much like the new range of implant which thanks to the ‘bacofoil’ stay fresher for longer…


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