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Steve Jobs immortalised as the iCEO doll

by | 14th, March 2012

STEVE Jobs has been stuffed. The Apple founder is now available to own as a plush doll. It’s just all the other toys only with less buttons and the Rupskin (TM) operating system. The iCEO, the plush doll, produced by Throwboy, stands 15 inches tall, features rimless glasses, black turtle neck, 100% denim jeans and Scousebrows. It’s yours for…$60. And due to limited supply, you can only order two at a time.

Of course by the time the queues to buy one of these must-own items have dissipated, the tech and dolly blogs will be abuzz with news of iCEO 2, which will make the owners of the iCEO look like sad losers…

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Spotter: Throwboy and Mashable

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